It might not seem like a big deal, but color is very important to the city of San Antonio. 
In the month of April, this city revolves around two things: The Spurs in the Playoffs, and Fiesta; which celebrates the heroes of the Alamo, and the Battles of the Flowers and San Jacinto.
For the first time since the Spurs redesigned their logo in 2002, we were able to bring back the retro colors that the Spurs of the 90s once wore.

How did we do that? By making our own textures using the one thing that the players interact with every time they hit the floor: the basketball. 
All assets featured throughout the playoff campaign (including lettering) were handmade by us.
In addition to designing the player shooting tees and the arena, we were tasked with designing the San Antonio Spurs' very first pop-up shop that the city had ever seen. We ended up exceeding expectation in sales, fan interaction, and online impressions. This was the talk of the city, hosting exclusive merchandise that could be only found there.


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