Entering it's 11th season, we approached this season of Nike Playlist differently than others. We asked the question: how can we elevate this series to make it feel refreshed, exciting, and new?
From new set props, fresh camera angles, and new scripts that sprinkle in comedic timing, Nike Playlist got a fun facelift into the most exciting season yet; along side some familiar talent like Bailey Sok, Richarlison, Jazzy Guerra, Kellyn Acosta, Nicki Nieves, + many more. 
From pre to post production, I oversaw the entire season, leading the art side for all 12 episodes of season 11.

Creative Director: Reef Younis
ACD (copy): Paul Glazier
Senior AD (lead Art): self
Nike Playlist S11 Ep. 08 | featuring Bailey Sok, Kellyn Acosta & Yubin Shin

Other work:

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