A Nike first.
The NPRL is a YouTube series created for kids to connect and inspire them around this thought: “sports can look however you want.” 
Episode storylines are rooted in lessons that kids aren’t learning as they leave traditional sport behind. Ideas like pressure, fear, balance, and the art of losing; they’re all accessible in The Lab.
We also created a slew of entertaining non-human characters, an off-the-wall set design, and an editing style that brought kids a sense of joy and immersive play at every turn.​​​​​​​
From scripting the stories, concepting the games, to being a part of the whole post process, my role was in charge of seeing all the things come to life. 
Our pilot season of Sports Lab included five full episodes that launched across YouTube. Each episode also took over various Nike content streams (in-app, .com, Instagram, and Twitter) to help spread the word how Nike is changing the future of sport.

Other work:

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