Interns. I used to be one at Havas myself. But how do you grab their attention, see their creativity, and make it fun? Oh, and also get featured in Adweek?
We went back in time. Not way way back, just a little. We asked interns to send us a postcard of a world they want to live in. How do these potential interns see the future?
To top it off, if you were in the New York area, you could come to Havas and drop off your postcard in a mailbox specifically made for the application. We left it out there for 3 weeks, and received 500+ postcards from all over the world. People sent cards from Australia, Europe, Canada, and of course the United States. Some wrote letters, some drew pictures, some sent us QR codes.
It's Havas tradition to get a t-shirt. We decided instead of creating new waste, and going along with our theme of going back in time, we sourced 170 vintage tees that would be stamped with our Summer Internship logo I designed.

Harry Beee, CCO of Havas with our postcard and curbside mailbox.

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