Written and directed as a Jordan Brand spec commercial, FLOW taps into the "Flow State" concept while visually communicating that if you want to be great ––  it takes repetition and hard work.

This 60-sec Spec Ad explores the traits deep in our DNA that allow us to be the best version of ourselves. Whether on the hardwood or off, greatness comes from within; it's just about looking inward and tapping in.
I designed these poster assets to promote the campaign. By focusing on the heartbeat and rhythm, I wanted to tap into that feeling with our stills from the shoot.
We also wanted to pay homage to a campaign from the past. These designs focused on the "What Is Love" Jordan Campaign, but with a slight twist with updated Zion Williamson branding.
A huge and special thank you to Andrew Somuah, the director of this entire campaign to tap me to help bring this project to life, as well as these incredible people:
Director & EP: Andrew Somuah
Director of Photography: @Russgeltman
1st AC & Gaffer: @Stevenshawaii
Creative Talent: @KwaBena.brenya
Photography: @Kennystgeorge
Editor/Color: @Clarkstcollective
Art Direction: @Josiel.gco
VO: @VoiceofCraig
Production Assistant: @VicRiosJr
Sound: @Epidemicsound
Special Thanks: Riverside Gym (@riversidehawksnyc), @RodReezee@Johnnie.izquierdo, and Floyd Thorne.

Other work:

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