With 2018 and 2019 under their belts, we felt it was time for Con Edison to really lean in and walk the walk that they've been talking. 
The reality in 2020 that regardless of where you live in the Greater New York City area, you are probably reaping the benefits of Con Edison's mission to produce clean energy. What used to be a luxury, is now a necessity. Clean energy isn't for those who can only afford it, but it's for everyone and all.

People don't like paying their bills. Con Edison, New York City's sole provider of electricity, understands that. It's pivotal for Con Edison to communicate messaging that encourages New Yorkers to be energy efficient, and it's important for Con Edison to provide programs to facilitate that. 2019's "Energy Future" campaign introduces a visual device to touch on all that Con Ed is doing for the city.
2018 was my first year on the Con Edison account. 2018 was also a historical year for the brand, launching it's very first branded Television spot. I entered the scene post-TV ideation, but still was able to make my mark. Much of my hand was in the post-production of the print, working along side the print studio to give direction of our subway domination takeover. I also got to design a pretty rad and immersive subway tunnel over on 53rd and Lexington Ave, celebrating New York with the cleanest air we've seen in 50 years. 

Other work:

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