Art director

While at Saatchi & Saatchi, our team was briefed to create a brand idea that breaks through the clutter of the cold & flu category, and grow saliency and sales for Theraflu.


As humans, we like having control of our lives. But we lose control of ourselves when we get the cold & flu. We also know that c & f season is during October through February, which coincides with holiday season.


We wanted to target people when they travel using real-time flight statuses. Like the flu, the weather is uncontrollable and out of our hands. We wanted to utilize our active partnership with and place banner ads when weather gets bad. Additionally, when users are searching cold and flu related searches, we wanted to catch their attention using promotional posts on Instagram.


Art direction / design: me


Copywriter: Rebekah Johnson

Josiel correa.
Art director